Blackadder Goes Forth - Bloopers from Season 1

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Blackadder Goes Forth - Chess players

The artist says about this:

Pictured: (from left to right, though not in order of cunning)

The Mini-brained Prince Regent, George,

Lord Edmund Blackadder the First, of the court of Elizabeth

Captain E Blackadder, of the Hull 3rd Battalion

Baldrick, a wretchedly stupid dogsbody

Lord Blackadder the time traveller, later King Edmund the third

and The Mad Queen Elizabeth the first.


"The sound of hoof beats 'cross the glade, Good folk, lock up your son and daughter, Beware the deadly flashing blade, Unless you want to end up shorter. Black Adder, Black Adder, with many an cunning plan. Black Adder, Black Adder, you horrid little man." - a popular Anglo-Saxon rhyme

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