The Sopranos - Digital Art

show: The Sopranos
source: Claudiall

The artist says about this:

"This is just something I did for my School's Digital art contest. It's too bad that everyone at my school is an ass, or I would've entered. 
It's characters from the Sopranos, only they're rendered in a more whimsical way, if you could say that: Tony, Sil and Chris are all wearing pin-striped suits (like classic mobsters); AJ is wearing a shirt with a design that's also supposed to look like a blood splat. Carmela is dressed as a Virgin Mary, crying fake plastic tears (I love the crown!); Janice is sort of a femme fatale, Meadow is this surreal goth-like chick and Adriana (bless her) is like a Marilyn Monroe type.
This was supposed to look more like engraving and be in full colour, but time constraints made it turn out like this. 
Oh well."

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The Sopranos - Caricature of Christopher Moltisanti

The artist says about this:

"Tony's big nosed psicotropic-loving stupid nephew.
Despite his flaws, we all love him. I just can't tell why, he's jerk."

The Sopranos - Caricature of Silvio Dante

The artist says about this:

"Tony's consiglieri Silvio Dante, played by Steve Van Zandt. I absolutely love the episode in which he takes charge of the family for a day. Great mobster...I mean actor, fantastic musician, plus he's got a radio show here at Spain: Little Steven's Underground Garage."

The Sopranos - Caricature of Paulie "Walnuts" Gualtieri

The artist says abou this:

"Paulie 'Walnuts' Gualtieri is one upset heartless bastard.
I Love him!
100% italian-american fury!!!
These arenĀ“t your father's mobsters!!!!"

The Sopranos - They all break my balls

What's the one thing your mother, wife and daughter have in common?

They all break my balls.

The Sopranos - It's Gangster

It's "Gangster"

not "Gangsta"

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The Sopranos - Caricature of Anthony Soprano

The artist says about this:

"It's mob time! My favourite overweight mob boss, Tony Soprano from The Sopranos."