Aparadektoi - To sleep with Fofi

original line in Greek: "Για να ρίξεις τη φώφη μπήκες στο πολυτεχνειο όχι για να ρίξεις την χούντα;"

translated in English: "You got into the Athens Polytechnic in order to sleep with Fofi and not to overthrow the junta?" 

Obviously if you are not Greek you need some context in order to understand why what Dimitra (played by Dimitra Papadopoulou) says here to her husband is funny. In November 1973 the Athens Polytechnic uprising took place in Athens. It was a massive demonstration led by the students of the Polytenchic University Of Athens to voice their rejection of the military junta that ruled Greece from 1967 till 1974. This demonstration ended in bloodshed in the early morning of 17 November with a total of 24 deaths (although the Junta declared there were no casualties). At the end the Junta went down and the students of Polytechnic are still celebrated and respected for their role in this and their courage. In Aparadektoi, Spyros which support the Communistic party always talks about his studies in Polytechnic.

It used to be a running joke in Greece that people that studied in Polytechnic will always talk about it and try to gain clout and respect. Even if they graduated 2 years before the demonstrations. Spyros of Aparadektoi is a caricature of these people and through out the show he always mentions it and gets emotional over it.