Rick and Morty - Nobody belongs anywhere, nobody exists on purpose, everybody's going to die

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Rick & Morty - 5 Great Season 1 Moments

A mix of various funny moments from Rick and Morty from Season 5.

Rick & Morty - They're just robots Morty

"It's a figure of speech Morty, they're bureaucrats, I don't respect them."

Rick and Morty - Don't even trip, dawg.

Don't even trip, dawg.

Matthew J Wills is an artist from New Zealand. You can see more of his art in his deviantart profile.

Rick and Morty - King of the Hill

You can also buy this in a poster form if you want form the artists page zipdraw.com

ZipDraw (or Zip Alegria) is an artist from the United States. You can find more of his art in his deviantart page or his personal website

Rick and Morty - Don't leave me

radishwine doesn't share much on his tumblr page other than he is a hobbyist and he didn't have any formal art education.

Rick and Morty - Pass the butter

What is my purpose? 

You pass butter.

- Oh my god...

Rick and Morty - Nobody exists on purpose

Nobody exists on purpose

Nobody belongs anywhere

Everybody's gonna die

Come watch TV?

Rick and Morty - Quantum carburetor?

"Quantum carburetor?

Morty, you can't just add sci-fi word to a car word and hope it means something!

... Huh, looks like something's wrong with the microverse battery"

Rick and Morty - Nightime

"What, so everyone's supposed to sleep every single night now. You realize that nighttime makes up half of all time?"

Rick and Morty - Pizza ordering
- Yeah, I'd like to order one large person - With extra people please
Rick and Morty - Why don't you ask the smartest people in the universe?

Why don't you ask the smartest people in the universe? 

Oh right. 

You can't.

Rick and Morty - Opposite News

And Cooking Things with Michael and Pichael Thompson. Clip comes from Season 02 - Death Supercut

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Rick & Morty - Retarded

The clip is from Rick & Morty S01E09